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She Says YES

Sometimes the only way you can push through indecision is to walk away from something. I was not happy with Mr. Linky (so many people are!), and still struggling with the whole challenge thang. I finally said, “NO, because really, … Continue reading

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A Difficult Full Moon

This has been a crazy moonth so far. Odd jobs, unusual clients, demanding schedules. A friend died.  An artist friend from Argentina. And to top it off, today we are going to a reunion of kids from my home town, … Continue reading

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Luna Moth Moon

A Luna Moth on the full moon, painted because Heather Santos had a visit the other day. My own reaction the first time I saw one was delight! They look more like delicate birds than moths, or friendly creatures from another planet. As I was drawing … Continue reading

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Full Moon, Joy

She is pregnant at the full moon Joyful to be wet watercolor, To have juicy deep rich earthy gemstones surround her. No Worries. ☾        I agree to the  Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which you can learn more about by … Continue reading

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Making Art in the First Turning

 Designing the class, I had to start with the images.  La Bella Luna. . . The images inspire me to the next step, and the writing is coming. Inky Indanthrone, night sky so deep you can fall into the color. … Continue reading

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Moon and Gaia

I made two studies of Moon and Gaia today; oddly, I thought the one needed so much more work then ended up liking her best.  I saved the second one by making her mossy green; now I like them both.  I … Continue reading

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