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Silence to Contemplate the Challenge

With the extreme changes that happened this month, I decided to start the Moondae Challenges this Moonday (Monday). I have no idea what the first challenge will be, and so, the next three days (Dark of the Moon) heading into … Continue reading

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Strong Balsamic Moon, Very Sleepy

Some moons are just so sleepy. I am an insomniac but in this Balsamic Moon I’m sleeping long hours (my husband is getting ME out of bed) and still feeling tired and sleepy as I work. And I must work … Continue reading

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A Look Back at This Moonth

This moonth was an unplanned painting of what is happening as I design the class on journaling with the lunar cycles.  I wrote less, and painted more, my little gurl as she moved through the cycles, unplanned, working from intuitional … Continue reading

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Dark of the Moon, She Dreams

This moonth, as I worked my cycle, I found I had few words and painted as much as possible.  I struggled in the beginning with what and how to teach lunar journaling. I have journaled since my first “Dear Diary” … Continue reading

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