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As I build the site links will be added to great moon artists, museums, websites, and blogs!

Moon Information

(I aplogize for the terrible ads on some of these pages!!!  Stupid stuff, but the info is good!)

Calendar 365 Is good because you can click to see the current moon phase along with pertinent data, or print a cheat sheet for 2014-2015 of the phases, along with sunrise and sunset times for your area.

moon_full_pageMoonGiant:  Many interesting pages are located at Moon Giant!

  • Enter in any year between 1500 and 2200AD to see every Full Moon & New Moon phase for that year. The Full Moon & New Moon phase dates and times are in GMT time and accurate to within a minute.
  • To see the current moon phase and moon location in the sky visit the Night Sky page.

lunaf logo lunar_phase_14LUNAF: Also has a lunar calendar in UTC (close to GMT), and they have a list you can click on to read info on the moon in various signs.


Hare in The Moon





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