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She Says YES

Sometimes the only way you can push through indecision is to walk away from something. I was not happy with Mr. Linky (so many people are!), and still struggling with the whole challenge thang. I finally said, “NO, because really, … Continue reading

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Silence to Contemplate the Challenge

With the extreme changes that happened this month, I decided to start the Moondae Challenges this Moonday (Monday). I have no idea what the first challenge will be, and so, the next three days (Dark of the Moon) heading into … Continue reading

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Waking Early to Crescent Moon

I woke at 5am to lok for the crescent moon. Traces of sunlight in a lapis blue sky at one end of the view; but cloud cover hid her over the mountain where I expected her.  I know she is … Continue reading

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She Kisses Her Muse

Up early, she sings to the day, A prayer for sanity for those she encounters. Pregnant with possibilities, Emersed in color. She kisses her muse, the Dawn. A patch if sanity in a sea of madness. ☾ Watercolors created with Lamy … Continue reading

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Emotional Moonth

It’s been an emotional moonth, and the end was where the roller coaster hit a wall. THE STORYLINE. . .  The admins in a group I felt kinship with told me how they felt about me. This telling came about … Continue reading

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Back From Haitus!

In case you didn’t notice it has been a roller coaster of a summer. If you didn’t notice then then you might have been born in a different solar system! Every planet was squared in everyone’s chart and the gods of … Continue reading

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New Moon, Working

At night, I open the window and ask the moon to come and press its face against mine, breathe into me. ~Rumi This has been a peculiar moonth.  My unconscious has been working things out while my conscious mind was busy … Continue reading

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Waning Quarter, She is Pushing the World

So much has manifested in terms of loving the gurls, loving painting the cycle, speaking without words! So why this image?  She is pushing the world. It takes effort to align with intentions. When the lunar cycle started, I had … Continue reading

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Full Moon, Joy

She is pregnant at the full moon Joyful to be wet watercolor, To have juicy deep rich earthy gemstones surround her. No Worries. ☾        I agree to the  Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which you can learn more about by … Continue reading

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