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Waking Early to Crescent Moon

I woke at 5am to lok for the crescent moon. Traces of sunlight in a lapis blue sky at one end of the view; but cloud cover hid her over the mountain where I expected her.  I know she is … Continue reading

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Moons On RedBubble!

A Shameless Sunday Plug, the Old Moons are up on RedBubble, along with the Mexicali Moons and Suns! ☾        I agree to the  Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which you can learn more about by visiting the site, … Continue reading

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New Moon Lion Face

On the New Moon we rest.  We dream.  We go within. If not full rest, which is hard in our 9-to-5, six-days-a-week work craze, Then we rest by being soft with ourselves. I have to work today.  I’ve had issues … Continue reading

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Process: Moon and Gaia

I know,  know, I already posted “Gaia Watches the Moon Pull Her Fertile Belly,” but I have more to say about her, because she’s been driving me crazy.  This is all about process. Gaia + Moon + Sun came to … Continue reading

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Making Art in the First Turning

 Designing the class, I had to start with the images.  La Bella Luna. . . The images inspire me to the next step, and the writing is coming. Inky Indanthrone, night sky so deep you can fall into the color. … Continue reading

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