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Waning Quarter Moon Realization

Waning Quarter Moon Realization: In the middle of an overwhelming busy work Moonth, I’ve met a goal. I’m taking classes with the goal to rid my self of the dependency on graphite. I love pencil drawing, but realized I’m dependent on … Continue reading

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First Quarter Moon: Buffalo

Still dealing with issues, but things are getting clearer. If you are into such things, check out Hare in the Moon Astrology. Nailed it dead on for me this week! (I had to add an image of the buffalo, below; … Continue reading

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A Look Back at This Moonth

This moonth was an unplanned painting of what is happening as I design the class on journaling with the lunar cycles.  I wrote less, and painted more, my little gurl as she moved through the cycles, unplanned, working from intuitional … Continue reading

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New Moon Lion Face

On the New Moon we rest.  We dream.  We go within. If not full rest, which is hard in our 9-to-5, six-days-a-week work craze, Then we rest by being soft with ourselves. I have to work today.  I’ve had issues … Continue reading

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Dark of the Moon, She Dreams

This moonth, as I worked my cycle, I found I had few words and painted as much as possible.  I struggled in the beginning with what and how to teach lunar journaling. I have journaled since my first “Dear Diary” … Continue reading

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Waning Quarter, She is Pushing the World

So much has manifested in terms of loving the gurls, loving painting the cycle, speaking without words! So why this image?  She is pushing the world. It takes effort to align with intentions. When the lunar cycle started, I had … Continue reading

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Luna Moth Moon

A Luna Moth on the full moon, painted because Heather Santos had a visit the other day. My own reaction the first time I saw one was delight! They look more like delicate birds than moths, or friendly creatures from another planet. As I was drawing … Continue reading

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